Turbine Eagle Edit

Log Entry Edit

Maxwell Montgomery, Markus (M).

Field Notes, Day 17: - The Eagle

Once on the cusp of extinction, these majestic creatures once hunted alongside man, swooping in from above to capture sport for their master. There powerful tallions overhauled through metal, piston, and servos coupled with their agile movement; evolved them into the apex predator of the skies. There dominance now unsurpassed has seen a rise to their numbers, and the adoption of a pack mentality when on the hunt; where their once masters now prey.

Enemy Character Stats Edit

Core Stats
Hit Points 100
Movement Speed 100
Jump Height 0
Element Defenses
Heat Iron Shock Corrosion
Attunement 2 2 2 2

Abilities Edit

Tallon Tear
Heat Iron Shock Corrosion
Attunement 1 1 2 1