Phantom X02 Panther Edit

Log Entry Edit

Research Notes - Unknown Author, Terennius

‘What’s Hunting Us?’ I write this because I know we don’t have much time left. We’re being hunted by what seems to be our imagination. It seemed like this for days before we found Douglas mauled beyond all recognition in the light of noon. Whoever or whatever could sneak up and do that.. well, there’s not much hope for us now. Wherever we go, I can’t help but feel like a sitting duck. Even in the midst of camp I don’t feel safe. I can only hope we get back to the transport while there’s still some of us left.

Enemy Character Stats Edit

Core Stats
Hit Points 100
Movement Speed 150
Jump Height 70
Element Defenses
Heat Iron Shock Corrosion
Attunement 1 2 2 1

Abilities Edit

Probing Thrust: The X-02 thrusts forward its probe arm into the target. The probe arm can be equipped with multiple components, including some sharp equipment.

Probing Thrust
Heat Iron Shock Corrosion
Attunement 2 6 1 2