Overloaded Eel Edit

Log Entry Edit

Beatrice Wonsor, Winterburg

Field Notes, Day 45: - The overloading eel

As we left the facility our hearts were filled with hope, that we were leaving that circus of horrors behind us. Dr Monroe, dropped to her knees in relief gasping "The Air Force, we're saved" on hearing the hum of turbines approaching out of that electrical storm. Her reprieve was short lived, the realisation apparent in her inability to move away from the approaching danger until it was too late. She would not heed our warnings, we watched from a distance as those flying eels microwaved a new meaning to TV dinner out of her, roasting Monroe with a barrage of electrical aggression; leaving her helpless to the ultimate incarceration as they began feasting on her smouldering remains.  

Enemy Character Stats Edit

Core Stats
Hit Points 420
Movement Speed 80
Jump Height 40
Element Defenses
Heat Iron Shock Corrosion
Attunement 2 1 3 4

Abilities Edit

Discharge: The overloading eel discharges 1000's of volts into prey foolish enough to stray too close, conjuring up a microwave dinner takeaway on the fly.

Heat Iron Shock Corrosion
Attunement 2 2 6 1