Mauna Bear Edit

Log Entry Edit

Marteyn Scribe, Rothius

Field Notes, Day 41: - The Mauna Bear

I remember seeing an image of what this place used to be like. Beautiful women lounging on the cool sands sipping brightly coloured drinks from coconut shells. I think we all held a small amount of hope that we’d find some kind of salvation here. Instead we found hot cracked earth, burnt out buildings and debris everywhere we looked. The temperature here is nearly unbearable. The apex predator here is what we’re calling the Mauna Bear. This thing is fascinating and terrifying to behold. It appears to be an iteration of one of Dr Cealvins. Complex terrain maneuvering treads that can launch the beast over otherwise impassable terrain and rapid rotating blades that tear down foe and obstacle alike.  

Enemy Character Stats Edit

Core Stats
Hit Points 420
Movement Speed 80
Jump Height 40
Element Defenses
Heat Iron Shock Corrosion
Attunement 2 1 1 0

Abilities Edit

Re-Route Energy: The Mauna Bear can quickly re-route energy between its heavy duty treads and its powerful hydraulics, switching between its charge and pounce attacks.

Pounce: A favoured tactic of the Mauna Bear is to launch itself at its target from afar using powerful hydraulics. A trait thought to have been learned of data taken from the long forgotten guillotine bear (aka the drop bear)

Saw Slash
Heat Iron Shock Corrosion
Attunement 4 2 2 1

Charge: The Mauna Bear rapidly accelerates towards its target. This iconic behaviour is said to have derived from the data of a greyhound.